1 gain insights into the strategy making processes of different types of organizations 2 assess and manage the corporate culture s fit with a new strategy

An acquisition is a situation whereby one firm (acquiring firm) purchases most or all of another firm’s (acquired firm) shares in order to take control.

From real national/international market, select an example of an acquisition between two firms and answer the following questions:

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1. Briefly introduce the chosen acquiring and acquired firms (Industry, nationality, size, competitors…). (1Mark)

2. Explain the different reasons of this acquisition. (1Mark)

3. Was this acquisition successful? Why? (1Mark)

4. Evaluate the competitive advantage of the acquiring company (after the acquisition). (1Mark)

5. What is the method used by the acquiring firm to manage the culture of the acquired firm? underline the pros and cons of this method.(1Mark)


No two students in the same class will write about the same example (same acquiring/acquired firms). To avoid this, you have to register, before treating it, your chosen example by filling the table received from your instructor.

Limit Words: Not more than 1500 words