2 page research paper 2

Please write a 2 page research paper (700-800 words) on the following question. The main focus of the question is the United States of America.This research paper must have at least 3 citations, with at least 1 from a peer reviewed source (not Wikipedia, the encyclopedia or other online tourism or history.com sites).

Q. What are the biggest social and/or economic and/or political challenges facing your country today?

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Notes for answering the question:

1- The descriptions about the challenged should not be vague.
2- Very Few Grammar mistakes
3- The larger concepts or main ideas should be described clearly and in detail but not too much in detail
4- Include an introduction and conclusion
5- This is for a cross cultural class therefore more focus on the culture between the two countries and how it is related to it etc

I have a choice of several topics but this is what seemed the most easiest. If you would like to see other topics then let me know. I can give you all other choices and you can decide which suits you best. I need a 95 in this paper to get an A in the class. Kindly help me.

I can also send you other samples of the previous graded research papers by my professor so that you get an idea of what she wants and how she grdaes.