homework for mgf 1107

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1) LeBron James made approximately $86 million a year. On average, how much did he make per minute?

2) Imagine that you are driving your car in Mexico. As you are driving along, you notice that the speed limit

signs have numbers like 1o0 (on the highway) and 50 (in the city). As you start to speed up, you realize that

the signs are in km/hour. Unfortunately, your speedometer only reads in mi/hour. Figure out how fast you

are allowed to go if the sign says 50 km/hr.

3) The average college dorm room measures 10 feet by 18 feet.

a) Convert the measurements to inches by inches.

b) Find the area of the room in square yards.

c) Based on the ad below, how much would it cost the University to carpet a dorm room?

revenue management 9

Last week, you learned about segments, channels, and the hotel and competitive metrics we use in the industry to measure market share.

The segmentation you learned about has been “standard” for many decades. Recently though, many companies are looking at segmentation differently, and rather than segmenting by “type” of traveler, they are considering segmenting by the source of the


Do you think segmenting by source of business is a better approach than segmenting by the “type” of traveler and why?

paragraph 4 32

Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

Advocacy has been defined as “Public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy” (Oxford dictionaries, n.d. Advocacy strategies can be used to help patients, they may also be used to create change in the workplace. First, the nurse needs to be knowledgeable about their state’s laws regarding scope of practice and their institution’s policies and regulations (ATN, 2017). Being aware of where and how to report concerns or present ideas of change is the first step.

As a nurse, it has been instilled to always assess a situation and work through the nursing process. Therefore, we are put in a position of leadership to implement change and work for improvement for not only direct patient care but the workplace. Making observations in the workplace or exploring and encouraging other health care member’s concerns to establish what needs advocacy. Then gathering the information and creating possible solutions to present to the chain of command to support these changes. A nurse can advocate in the workplace for patient safety, more nursing staff, updated or better equipment and new polices if needed.


American Nurse Today. (2017). Speak to be heard: Effective nurse advocacy. Retrieved from https://www.americannursetoday.com/speak-to-be-hea…

Definition of Advocacy. (n.d.) Retrieved from https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/advoc…

please read everything only 1 page outline for project topic transition to value based care and financial opportunities and challenge

*Please read everything**Only 1 Page**Outline for Project*
Topic: Transition to value-based care and financial opportunities and challenges.
You will be identifying and clearly stating a particular problem or management issue in which an element of the identified problem or situation is not meeting expectations. Remember that what appears to be the problem may actually be just a symptom of a bigger problem, so dig deep to be sure you’ve identified the real problem. If there appears to be more than one problem or issue, decide if they are separate or related issues. You will be stating the problem in the form of a question.

Extra Details
Identify the topic you will be writing about.
Define the problem that you will be trying to suggest a solution for.
Identify possible solutions.
Describe the sources you will be using to conduct your research and analysis.

asian philosophy 5

choose one continues scene from the book and write about it

one anomaly what was surprised about it

three philosophical response to it

I need it to be 3-4 pages please

the name of the book is desire of extension

I have the book..

balance sheets 2

Below find a balance sheet for VWV Company.

VWV Company

Balance Sheet

December 31, 20XX



Current assets

Current liabilities



Accounts payable


Accounts receivable


Interest payable


Interest receivable




Total current assets


Total current liabilities


Long-term assets

Long-term liabilities

Equipment (net of depreciation)


Note payable


Total long-term assets


Total long-term liabilities



Common stock


Paid-in capital


Retained earnings


Total equity


Total assets


Total liabilities and equity



  • Recreate the balance sheet in an Excel spreadsheet. Use cell formulae to add and subtract numbers. Add a column next to the balance sheet for answers to the questions listed below.


  • Is accounts payable larger or smaller than accounts receivable? What is the difference? What do the numbers indicate? Explain.
  • What does “equipment net of depreciation” mean?
  • Are payables short-term or long-term?
  • Determine total liabilities.
  • Determine net short-term assets or liabilities.
  • Determine the total amount owed by VWV at the end of the year.
  • How do we know that the above is a corporate (not a sole proprietor) balance sheet?

SLP Assignment Expectations

Submit the Excel spreadsheet. All information should be part of the spreadsheet. Written comments should be brief and refer to the balance sheet. Both content and presentation matter.

read the instruction and write the post 2

Please Read the instruction and write the Post. All instructions are in attached PDF.Let me know if you have any questions

client access to care

Question:1. Why is it more difficult for some groups to receive care than others.

2.Give five reasons and substantiate facts with evidence-based articles or references

3. give 3 interventions to overcome these difficulties and be specifics

4.APA format

hca comparative performance

Comparative Performance

For this discussion, you are tasked with comparing two hospitals, one that is considered a safety-net hospital (public hospitals who care for a large segment of the population who are uninsured or underinsured) and one hospital from a more affluent area in the state where you live.

Visit The Joint Commission: Quality Check (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
Take the following steps to find two hospitals:

  • Enter a city and state, and then select Locate.
  • A list of hospitals for that city and state will populate on the page. Select View Report.
    • Select View Accreditation History. Next, select the most recent Quality Report, which will open as a PDF document. Scroll down to the pages that list the National Patient Safety Goals and then the National Quality Improvement Goals. Choose one from either list.
    • If you choose a National Patient Safety Goal,
      • State the goal and the procedure(s) indicated in the Organization Should
      • Discuss the implications to the patient, staff (physicians, nurses, medical assistance, pharmacists, etc.) and hospital if the health care professional fails to follow the procedure indicated.
    • If you choose a Quality Improvement Goal,
      • State the measure and explanation of that goal.
      • Discuss how the hospital can improve their performance to meet the target.
  • Repeat the above steps for a second hospital. Reminder, one hospital should be a safety-net hospital and one should serve an affluent community.
  • Next, compare and contrast the differences between the two facilities. After review of the two hospitals, discuss your opinion about the reasons these hospitals could have disparities.

Your initial post should be 250 to 300 words and utilize at least one scholarly source from the Ashford University Library to justify your recommendations for improvement. Cite all sources in APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center’s Introduction to APA (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. The Research, Keywords, Databases: An Overview (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. video tutorial is available to help you become more familiar with the library database search features and how to generate keywords.

Guided Response: Choose two classmates, and respond as a patient who has experienced the issue identified in your classmates’ posts. Answer the questions listed below. Your guided response posts should be a minimum of five well-developed sentences.

  • What role does customer satisfaction play in your decision to utilize the health care facility in the future based on the findings?
  • What would you expect as the patient? Explain your answer.

research project proposal 700 words minimum

i have a project due on Friday. it is a proposal project for 700 words minimum. i will provide a plan to follow and the requirements for it.

i think you need to read the myth of Narcissus to have an idea about it..

it is about a myth called Narcissus.

* I will attatch the Narcissus‘s myth

* i will attatch the outline that you need to follow

* i will attatch the requirments for thr project