250 words response to a podcast 5

Writing a Critical Response ( Listen to the podcast found in the link below ~ 50 minutes long, and write a 250-300 Words response using the guidelines )

Do NOT summarize, just discuss your point as a reflection and synthesis!

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NOTE from professor: The writing in your responses is technically good. You are making only a few errors each time. However, you need to work on your content. There is too much summary. In fact, eliminate all summary. What I want you to do, as I explained in class, is pick a point (after having thoughtfully analyzed and considered the episode) and discuss that point through analysis and reflection and synthesis, etc.

  • Develop an initial or global understanding of what the piece is about.
  • Review and rethink ideas to inspect, refine, and deepen your initial understanding and develop interpretations.
  • Make connections between what you are reading and your own experiences and knowledge, thereby changing, confirming, or adding to what you know.
  • Take a critical stance by thinking about the piece from the perspective of how and why it was developed the way it was by the author(s).