4 marketing questions

Please answer the following questions completely and thoroughly. Each question is worth 25 points possible. You must upload your answers in a Word document that will be run through Turnitin. Refer to grading rubric below (answers copied from another source will result in a zero).

  1. What is your all-time favorite brand? What do you most like about the product and/or brand name? What (if anything) do you dislike? What image does the brand have in your mind? How loyal are you toward the brand? Why?
  2. Go to the supermarket and take a look at the brand extensions that exist for Coke. Do you think this makes sense or not? When is brand extension a good strategy? When is it a poor one?
  3. Consider Starbucks coffee. Consumers sometimes bond very closely with their preferred brands. What type of brand equity do you believe they have established over the years? How did this happen?
  4. What do you like about your bank? How would you compare the services you receive from your bank to other competing banks and to your “ideal” bank? What is good about the service you currently receive? What specifics about the service make it very good from a marketing standpoint?