4 page essay about sexism in literature and the affect it has on society

I would like a MLA style paper about sexism in literature and the affect it has on society

below will be attached 3 papers, they can be used as references and for you to know what would the professor expect from the paper, the papers attached has nothing to do with the topic please just use them as reference

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While writing literature is not a modular, building-block skill that can be broken down into ingredients and recipes, the following rubric gives at least a general impression of what I will be looking for both conceptually and in practice.

30%: format, organization, length, mechanics (diction, grammar, punctuation).

This section is probably the least interesting in terms of the higher-order skills I’m trying to teach in this class, but are foundational (bottom of the pyramid things) to all other skills. I will be a real asshole when it comes to line-by-line mistakes, even if they are ESL mistakes. If you have received negative feedback about these things before, please go to the Writing Center before handing in your paper (remember: I will give you a 24-hr extension if you visit). I will not necessarily drop points if you go over 6 pp., but if you are under 4 pp. I will, especially if you try to trick me playing with font or paragraph styles. Believe me, I’ve seen it all:)

30%: argument coherence, development, support.

In this class, detail and precision counts, Look over your thesis statements, conclusions, and evidence support to make sure you are staying at a level of on-the-ground detail. Probably the biggest issue I see when reading papers at this level is students who write an entire paper full of generic statements with no support, such as textual evidence or description of a movie scene.

20%: style, flow, variety.

Here we want to pay attention to such writing elements as transitions between paragraphs, diction (good word selection), sentence length variation, vocabulary, prepositional correctness. I want to see an indication that you have revised multiple times to get at the right word, the right sentence, the right paragaph.

20%: research & citation.

One of the most important skills we want to learn in this class is how to embed our arguments/opinions into a larger context, which requires knowing what people don’t agree with you say. This is called a “Strawman argument,” when you just beat up on a simplified version of what you argue again–for instance, if I argued that NASA was racist because it took money away from welfare and there were very few minority astronauts, this would be a Strawman argument. Always look to find what others have written about your subject, whether it be The Martian, the Gift Economy, social media, David Foster Wallace, etc. Find authorities to support your position and find also authorities that don’t support your decision, but you want to refuse. Most importantly, use the source text, mine the source text, for examples, quotes, images, lyrics, etc. of what you are writing about. It’s confounding to me how often someone will write, for example, a 5 page paper about Suicide Squad and never once even mention a scene from the movie. In terms of citation, just make clear where the citation is coming from and have a list at the bottom that gives me the source. I don’t really care how you do this.