a literary analysis essay medea

The intent is to write an analytical discussion of a work of fiction, poetry or drama from our Literature book. You may also choose to write about “Medea.” You may choose a work which we discussed in class, but you are not limited to the assigned stories. If you choose a selection which the book has used as the subject of a sample paper, you may discuss the selection, but your topic must be significantly different from the topic of the sample paper.

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You should write a traditional paper with a structure that includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction could include brief background information about the writer. The Literature book does provide some information about the writers, but additional information can be found on the internet or in the library. Brief biographical information will not require documentation. Analytical or interpretive statements from other writers about the selected work do require documentation, but this paper does not require such researched statements. The introduction also needs to include some general opening statements about your specific selection, leading to a thesis indicating the specific analytical approach of this paper.

  1. 5 paragraph minimum
  2. 500 word minimum
  3. Do not use 2nd person, except in quotes.
  4. Do not retell or summarize the story.
  5. Do not offer a critique indicating whether or not you liked the selection.
  6. Write or type in double space.
  7. work cited