a seven page paper addressing your approach to negotiation

Address your approach to negotiation in 7 pages . Please ensure that you address each of the following sections. Each section will need to be labeled with the use of subtitles.

1. Introduction – Define negotiation

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2. Attitudes regarding negotiation- What is your attitude about negotiation?

3. Approaches regarding negotiation- What approaches do you take when negotiating?

4. Differences in personal and professional approaches to negotiation

a. Explain whether your approaches are the same or different in your personal and professional life.

i) Personal- buying a car

ii) Professional- negotiating salary

5. Enhancing negotiation strategies

a. Discuss whether you seek to enhance your negotiation strategies.

6. Conclusion.

Note: Be sure to support and justify your positions and conclusions with references to relevant library resources written assignments should follow APA requirements.

There should be 3 sources in total and plagiarism is strictly prohibited , materials taken from sources should be cited.