action research discussion question on practitioners conducting research

Please help with 300-700 word discussion question and two 100-200 word responses on the following topic!

2.1 McNiff (2013) refers to the role of the practitioner as an important component of action research. Discuss the critical implications for yourself as a practitioner tasked with conducting action research.

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Please use attached syllabus and reading material. Also, please provide 100-200 word response to the following discussion posts. Thank You!

As a practitioner tasked with conducting action research, I would have to be open-minded. I would have to be willing to change my current view point if necessary. Self-reflection, knowing my strengths, weakness, and motivations will help keep things in perspective “Action research involves learning in and through action and reflection, and is conducted in a variety of contexts.” Pg. 24. My last implication is being unbiased, while conducting research it is important to be impartial because I want my research to be logical not just based on my feelings alone.

Conducting action research, a practitioner would have to ensure their viewpoint has some type of ground; in order to be able to back up what they are saying. Reliability in the research is a must; have evidence that difficult to contest. During the gathering process make sure that the evidence includes things that are quantifiable and comes from trustworthy sources.

Practitioners conducting action research are always learning. Even though we may be conducting this research with others, we are learning for ourselves. Pg24 Learning it the most important implication to research because it improves our knowledge and competences.


This weeks readings covered Chapter 1 and 2 of McNiff, Jean Action Research: Principles and Practice. This week’s discussion question asks what critical implications for you, as a practitioner tasked with conducting action research would be. We can start at ourselves; McNiff spoke about it in chapter one. When conducting action research you have to weigh in on your own skills and abilities and make sure your doing your best that you can. They focused in on critical self-reflection and how you have to observe yourself, also have others hold you accountable as well. I remember a quote by John Dewey he stated, “We do not learn from experience…. We learn from reflecting on experience.” It relates to this discussion question because it focused a lot on the fact that without reflection in our lives we would not be able to see what needs to change.

Throwing all assumptions out the window is also something they explain. As a practitioner we have to challenge everything we know about the way we conduct business when we are involved with action research. This will help in changing things and theories so that things can continue to stay relevant. Innovation is something that we do in my current organization so that is also a way of challenging the normal way things are done and making sure we continue to adapt. Making the research you do public is also important because it allows us to provide information for others to receive as well. Being humble and allowing a process of evaluation is a challenging thing to do, as you move forward in action research change is a hard thing for most people in my opinion to handle.