american history after1865

Question A

America, the Cold War, and the 1960’s: (Note: Please respond to the following.

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American culture went through drastic changes in the 1960’s. Explain three of these changes and how they became a permanent part of our culture. How did those on the fringes of our society become part of the fabric of our nation?

Question B

Identity Politics and Nixon v. Carter : (Note: Please respond to the following and the extra credit question.

Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter had very different foreign policy challenges to face. Choose one from each president’s time in office and compare and contrast them. How successful was each and what effect do their policies have on our foreign policy today?

Extra Credit Week: For five (5) points extra credit, Has the change in leadership in the US that came this with the election of Donald Trump had an impact on the day to day issues of your life? Does it matter who is at the top?

Question C

“The 80s, ‘Reaganomics’, and the Internet” Please respond to the following and the extra credit question.

Ronald Reagan drove the United States deeply into debt in the two terms he was president. What did he spend the money on and why? Give three examples.

Extra Credit Week Nine: For five (5) points extra credit, In what ways do you think we need to change our policies, laws, and attitudes because of the growth of easy access to so much information?