analyze and describe details regarding the impact of the cyberattack of primera blue cross in washington state

In March 2015, Primera Blue Cross in Washington State ( was victim of a cyberattack where 11 million customers were affected. Hackers were able to penetrate the system on May 5, 2014 but it was not discovered until January 29, 2015. Sensitive data like SSN, DOB, email address and other account information was compromised.

Here are a couple of links with some information about the incident.

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Prepare a report that covers following:

  1. Explain the background details about the organization and the nature of the attack or crime that occurred.
  2. Analyze and describe details regarding the impact of the attack or crime to include financial losses, number of individuals affected, and the effect on the reputation of the organization.
  3. Analyze the organization’s incident response and whether or not the incident was handled in an appropriate manner.