annotated bibliography 436

Please Look at Paper #3 description :

  1. Annotated Bibliography:
    1. Due dates:
      1. Due Saturday 3/24 by 11:55 pm. Upload two copies in Word .docx or .doc format, one to Turn it in.
      2. Optional revisions: Due Sunday 3/31 by 11:55 pm. Upload two copies of revised paper inWord .docx or .doc format, one to Turnitin and one to My.Wartburg.
    2. Length: Eight credible, reliable sources. One to three of these sources should be from ourtextbook readings. Five to seven should be outside sources you find through careful research;at least three of these should be scholarly sources.
    3. Annotations: Each source’s annotation should total 100-200 words and include threeparagraphs:
      1. Paragraph 1: Summarize the argument the source is making.
      2. Paragraph 2: Provide evidence of the author’s credibility.
      3. Paragraph 3: Explain why this source is useful for your paper. Does it support your own argument (opinion) or another side? How?

I will give you the links and the login information to find the good sources.

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