ap history treaty of versailles opinions

The full assignment paper is the first attachment.

You are supposed to write the opinions of David Lloyd George, Georges Clemenceau, Woodrow Wilson on specific points of the Treaty of Versailles. These points are:

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  • What should happen to the colonies of the defeated nations?
  • What should happen to the German armed forces?
  • What should happen to Czechoslovakia?
  • How much should the Germans pay the Allies in compensation?
  • What should happen to Alsace-Lorraine?
  • Who should take the blame for the war?
  • What should happen to the Saar region?
  • Should Austria and Germany be allowed to merge?

(write on each person’s answers to the questions above. each person should be a paragraph. 3 paragraphs in total).


Write a letter from a diplomat’s point of view who doesn’t want World War II. (the treaty of Versailles led to WW2.) Write about what you would change about the Treaty of Versailles in order to prevent WW2.

You may use any source to help you. PLEASE LOOK AT EVERY ATTACHMENT.