apa citation continuation

You work for a travel agency and are trying to sell a trip package to a group of 15 active senior citizens (ages 65-75), for a one-week getaway. The leader of the group has said they want to go to a country that has interesting historical sites and opportunities for day hikes and fine dining experiences.

Pick a country you think would be a good destination for the group. Find sources from each of the following to support your recommendation: general-interest periodical, special-interest periodical, newspaper article, website, scholarly book or article, and a computerized database.

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Once you’ve gathered your resources, create an annotated bibliography. Create an APA reference citation for each source. Then, following each citation, write a paragraph or two providing two reasons why this is a reliable source and two reasons why it is relevant to your presentation. Your reasons should be fully explained in well-developed, well-written paragraphs.

Make sure the resources you choose are relevant to the prompt. It should be clear from the paragraphs that the country addresses the group’s requirements: good for active seniors ages 65 to 75, has interesting historical sites, and opportunities for day hikes and fine dining experiences.