artical in leadership 1

  • For Class:

Write a one page, single spaced analysis of a popular song describing the indexical, iconic and symbolic meanings as well as how the song fits Brummett’s definition of a cultural artifact.

Review a YouTube video of a popular song that has caught your attention, find the lyrics and print them out, then analyze it in a one page, single-spaced paper. using the terms we have learned thus far in class. You are not being asked to simply describe the song or to summarize its visual and verbal features, though in the course of your critique you will; rather, the central questions that should guide your analysis are How and for whom is this an artifact or text?, and What kinds of meanings are evident in this text (indexical, symbolic and iconic)?

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that’s the song

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  • Jackson and Parry, Leadership, Chapter 2, pp. 25-44.