artificial intelligence project 5

Individual Project Assignment

This comprehensive project requires you to select a topic from the following list and do a literature review on that topic based on academic and professional journals. An example of literature review can be found at The purpose is to get to know the latest developed in the topic area. Only published academic and professional journal articles are allowed for the review.

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You need to do the project individually. You should prepare a literature review report on the topic, with at least five pages double-spaced. Each student should also prepare a PowerPoint presentation and present the slides (at least 15 slides, not including the title slide). It should include audio narration (directions are found at: narration should also be captured in the slide notes.

As an alternate method of delivery, you can create a video using YouTube Capture ( or a similar tool.

Upon finish, submit both the literature review report and the link to your recording.

Recommended Topics:

  1. Big Data and Analytics
  2. Decision Support Systems
  3. Business Intelligence
  4. Visual Analytics
  5. Social Analytics
  6. Group Decision Support Systems
  7. Expert Systems
  8. Knowledge Management
  9. Data Mining
  10. Data Warehousing
  • Virtual Communities
  • Personality and decision making
  1. Human Computer Interaction
  2. E-Commerce
  3. Model Management
  4. Executive Information Systems (EIS)
  5. Brain Storming
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. Distance Learning
  8. Simulation

The evaluation is based on both the summary report and the individual presentation. The rubric is as follows:



Level 4 (25)

Level 3 (23)

Level 2 (21)

Level 1 (19)

Quality of Information (40%)

-paper is exceptionallyresearched, extremely detailed

-collect accurate information from a wide variety of quality sources

-paper is well researched in detail withaccurate information from a variety of sources

-some aspects of paper is researched with some accurate information from limited sources

-limited information on topic with lack of research

Organization (20%)

-exceptionally clear, logical, mature, and thoroughdevelopment of subtopics that support the main topic with excellent transition between paragraphs

-clear and logical subtopic order that supports the main topic with good transitions between paragraphs

-somewhat clear and logical development of subtopics with adequate transitions between paragraphs

-paper lacks clear and logical development of ideas with weak transition between ideas and paragraphs

Mechanics (20%)

-paper is very concise, clear, with consistently proper grammar, spelling and paragraphing

-paper is clear, with mostlyproper grammar, spelling and paragraphing

-paper has some errors in grammar, spelling and paragraphing

– inconsistent grammar, spelling and paragraphing throughout paper

Quality of presentation (20%)

-Presentation of the slides is exceptionally clear, logical, and thorough.

– Not simply reading from the slides

-Presentation of the slides is overall clear, logical, and thorough.

– Occasionally reading from the slides

-Presentation of the slides is generally clear, logical, and thorough, but with issues occasionally.

– Most the time reading from the slides

-Presentation of the slides is unclear, illogical, and inadequate.

– Straightly reading from the slides