assignment about childhood obesity

*Due Week 2 You will be researching an area of Childhood Obesity that is interesting to you. Here are some suggestions for you:

1. The importance of physical activity in young children, including the need for activities that match the developmental stages of children

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2. The causes of childhood obesity

3. The various methods of body size measurement and evaluation in children

4. Ways to increase physical activity in children

5. The contribution of obesity to diseases in children

6. School lunch menus and the role they may play in preventing or contributing to childhood obesity.

Remember the article you read should be something that is interesting to you about obesity in children. It could be about school lunches, increased clothing sizes that stores are carrying now, diabetes in teens, school districts that are making changes, eating disorders, or anything that comes to your mind that relates to this topic. Make it personal if this is a topic that has touched your life.

please write a 1 page summary of your article