assignment instructions reflection 4 learning culture

Management & Organization BUS 2430 – 001

Assignment Instructions Reflection #4 – Learning Culture (DUE MARCH 23, 2019)

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Between 600 & 1200 words


Assignment Instructions Reflection #4 – Learning Culture

In the classroom, we explored the impact of organizational culture. This reflection will allow you to reflect on an organizational experience from your own life.

Your textbook identifies four ways that new members learn organizational culture:

 stories that convey what is important and provide examples

 rituals that express and reinforce important values

 material artifacts, the physical symbols that convey the behaviors that are appropriate

 language acts as a common denominator to connect members to the organization

For this assignment, think of an organization that you have been a member of for an extended period of time.

Describe the organization.

Describe one example each of stories, ritual, material artifacts, and language that helped you learn this organization’s culture.

Reflect on how each of these four examples helped you become a part of this organizational culture.
You should seek to communicate in a professional manner, and aim for a level of detail between 600 and 1,200 words.

Nothing else needed all the instruction on Reflection – Learning Culture.