based on the information of interview compose an introduction of a person

Based on the content of an interview the person and the interview of three people related to the interviewer compose a personal profile of the person. I will give you an example of the personal profile to you.

Here are the informations of interview the person herself:

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Name: Laura Alvarez

Birthday:21 August 16 1997

Born in Medellin Colombia, grow up in San Diego, California,stayed in Mexico City for 9years,then to SD

High school in SD, academy of our lady of peace

Reason to go to Suffolk University: have journalism department. Love the school in the city(location of school).Study in journalism & public relationship

Third year in Suffolk University,junior

Sibling: Younger sister:14 years old

Talent: good at photography, taking picture, aking picture of friend &city

Dream:become a reporter in LA for entertainment

Love&hate: poppy-Toby ,hate-taking trash out

Word describes you:determine-say something will try to reach it

Hero:mom do so much, always taking care

Social media: lauraalvarez16 (Instagram)

LauraahNews (Twitter)

Here are answers of interview three people related to her:

Person 1:

Name:Isabella Cano

Relationship: 14 year old sister

• question 1: She is very outgoing and completes what she puts her mind to. She is very kind and cares about others.

•question 2: Her strengths are that she is very determined and considering of others. Her weaknesses are that she can be impatient sometimes and loose hope easily

• question 4: fearless

Person 2:

Name:Marco Sanchez

Relationship: boyfriend

1. She is one of the nicest people that i know, she is very sweet and loving.

2. One strength that Laura has is that she is very hardworking, she knows what she wants and will never gives up on it until she gets it.

4. Caring

Person 3

Name: Bianca Dugue

Relationship: friend and former roommate

1) kind, sociable, high emotional intelligence, understanding, down to earth, adaptable

2) strengths: people person, genuinely cares for others, highly accepting differences, driven, relatable, gets along with everyone

weakness: kindness ( not really but if i have to list one) if it’s possible to be too nice

Word to describe: ambitious, go getter, radiant

The question of interview relates are in the picture, and the example of the personal profile are in the Word document.