beginner level java files attached

Write a program that allows the user to create a new Student for FAU. The user can create a new

Student, enter grades, get quiz average, get letter grade, get email, and get all the Student

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information. In addition, the user can also update most information for a given student.

You must use two classes in this program – one class containing your main method and another class

to store and process the Student information. Please refer to the UML diagram and description on the

next page for specifics regarding the Student class. All other logic should belong in the class with

your main method.

Menu to be displayed for the user:


1. Create new Student – empty Student

2. Create new Student – information available

3. Set Student First Name:

4. Set Student Last Name:

5. Enter Quiz1 Score:

6. Enter Quiz2 Score:

7. Enter Quiz3 Score:

8. Get Quiz Average

9. Get Student Id

10. Get Next Available Id

11. Get Student Grade

12. Print Student Information

13. Exit