brain damage

Answer questions  in 1 full paragraph. 

–    Evolution versus Technology
Sophisticated genetic testing is on the verge of making it possible to manipulate the genes of a human fetus to determine traits such as height, weight, and body shape. What impact, if any, would you expect from this type of designer genetics on human evolution? Write a brief essay on whether you believe this will have a positive, negative, or any impact on our evolution.

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–   Brain Damage
Damage to the brain will always have lasting effects, but the timing of the damage is important. At what times of life is brain damage more or less likely to have significant long-term effects?

–    How does experience affect our brains?

-.   Drugs that block dopamine synapses tend to impair or slow limb movements. However, after 

people have taken such drugs for a long time, some experience involuntary twitches or 

tremors in their muscles. Based on material in this chapter, propose a possible explanation.

-Ordinarily, patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease (who have damage to dopamine-

releasing axons) move very slowly, if at all. However, during an emergency (e.g., a fire in the 

building), they may move rapidly and vigorously. Suggest a possible explanation.