brand management 2

  • What changes are occurring in the non-disposable razor category (product-markets) at the time of this case? You might include a discussion of the 3 C’s. Identify and evaluate opportunities and threats for Paramount.
  • How is the non-disposable market segmented? You might include any of the following bases of segmentation that follow: behavioral (loyalty, emotional benefits, heavy users, cost benefits, etc.), psychographic (values, attitudes, lifestyle), geographic and/or demographic differences.
  • What are the arguments for launching Clean Edge as a niche product? Mainstream product? List and briefly discuss pros/cons for niche and mainstream options. Make a decision for targeting/positioning either the niche or mainstream market.
  • Assess Paramount’s competitive position and brand equity: What associations (see CBBE Pyramid) might consumers recall when seeing Paramount on the package? What associations might you want to create for Clean Edge? How will you utilize the Paramount and Clean Edge brands on the packaging (see examples below)? Describe the POPs and PODs for Clean Edge based on your target market and competitive set.

Hint: These decisions depend upon your niche vs. mainstream positioning decision.

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