business plan 55

This assignment consists of two (2) sections: your final business plan and your business plan financials. Note: You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment.

You have completed all of the necessary sections of your business plan and will now create a final draft. Use any / all feedback you have received to polish your plan to the point that you could confidently show it to investors and potential partners or customers.

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Refer to the Outline of a Business Plan listed:

I. Executive Summary;

II.Company description; A. Company NameB. Mission Statement/Objectives C. Form of Business D. Trademarks, Copyrights, and Other Legal Issues E. Products or Services F. Management/Leadership G. Location and Geographical Information H. Development Stage I. Milestones Achieved to Date J. Specialty Business Information K. Financial Status

III. Industry Analysis & Trends A. Size and Growth Rate of Industry B. Industry Maturity C. Sensitivity to Economic Cycles D. Seasonal Factors E. Technological Factors F. Regulation/Certification G. Supply and Distribution H. Financial Characteristics I. Anticipated Changes and Trends in Industry J. Global Industry Concerns

IV. The Target Market A. Demographics/Geographics B. Lifestyle and Psychographics C. Purchasing Patterns D. Buying Sensitivities E. Market Size and Trends

V. The Competition A. Competitive Position B. Market Share Distribution C. Global Competition D. Future Competition E. Barriers to Entry

VI. Strategic Position & Risk Assessment A. Industry Trends B. Target Market C. Competitive Environment D. Company Strengths E. Risks Assessment F. Definition of Strategic Position

VII. Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy A. Company’s Message B. Marketing Strategy C. Marketing Tactics D. Strategic Partnerships E. Online Marketing Tactics F. Sales Force and Structure

VIII. Operations A. Plant and Facilities B. Manufacturing/Production Plan C. Labor Requirements D. Capacity Utilization E. Quality Control F. Equipment and Furniture G. Inventory Management H. Supply and Distribution I. Order Fulfillment and Customer Service J. Research and Development K. Financial Control L. Contingency Planning M. Other Operational Concerns

IX Technology Plan A. Technology Goals and Position B. Internet Goals and Plan C. Software Needs D. Hardware Needs E. Telecommunications Needs F. Technology Personnel Needs

X. Management & Organization A. Key Employees/Principals B. Compensation and Incentives C. Board of Directors/Advisory Committee D. Consultants/Specialists E. Management to Be Added F. Organizational Chart G. Management Style/Corporate Culture

XI. Social Responsibility & Sustainability A. Social Responsibility Goals B. Company Policy C. Social Responsibility Certifications D. Community Involvement E. Sustainability

Not all businesses will include all of these components in this order, but use the outline as a guide. Specifically your plan will not require the Development, Milestones, and Exit Plan section of the business plan.

Section 1: Business Plan (MS Word or equivalent)

Construct a ten to thirty (10-15) page business plan..

  1. Write a one to three (1–3) page executive summary for your business plan, in which you justify:
    1. A clear and concise business concept.
    2. A thoroughly planned business concept.
    3. A capable management structure.
    4. A clear-cut market need.
    5. Significant competitive advantages for your business.
    6. Realistic financial projections.
    7. That investors have an excellent chance to make money.
    8. A realistic and developed exit plan.

Note: Choose to write either a synopsis summary or a narrative summary, and include highlights from the each section of your business plan.

  1. Combine all of the sections stated below and revise your initial business plan draft
    • Executive Summary
    • Company Description
    • Industry Analysis and Trends
    • Target Market
    • Competition
    • Strategic Position & Risk Assessment
    • Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy
    • Operations Plan
    • Technology Plan
    • Management & Organization
    • Ethics & Social Responsibility
    • The Financials
  1. The Financials and the Management description—must spark enough interest to convince a reader to continue. Enhance the two (2) mentioned sections to appropriately engage the reader.
  2. Format your assignment according to these formatting requirements:
    • Cite the resources you have used to complete the exercise. Note: There is no minimum requirement for the number of resources used in the exercise.
    • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
    • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length.