capston method section effects of coal water runoff on plant growth of salix purpurea clone 94006 genotype and a salix purpurea triploid hybrid

for this paper,

i just need the method section which is 3 pages. i upload 2 pictures which are the requirements for this paper. I also upload the notebook which has everything that we have done in the lab. we have done a proposal for this experiment which was not good because we changed the species (the sources is NOT good except 1 source and YOU HAVE TO USE IT). Also, i upload a VERY helpful PowerPoint about all details that should be included.

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1. the only good source that you have to use is this :… its about how to make the coal slurry. you should not write the steps just mention that you follow this paper.

2. you should talk about how we will do the measurement even though we haven’t done that yet


4. cite the software that we are using (ANOVA:jmp)

if you need any information or help just let me know