case memo iot the internet of things

Case Memo Overview

The Internet of Things (IoT): Applications, investments, and challenges for enterprises. You will need to write a Case Memo for YOUR company using the Case Memo template provided in this course about the The Internet of Things (IoT): Applications, investments, and challenges for enterprises Case Study.

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Please write this ONE PAGE Case Memo as if you are writing this with modern technologies and solutions. In this Case Memo, your company is determining if it should deploy IoT monitoring solutions remote access to homes, monitoring commercial real estate, and monitoring automobile use.

You will need to address:

  1. Will IoT investments in technology pay off? Why or why not?
  2. How will this expansion of IoT scale globally?
  3. Who are the external customers for this IoT project – please identify the potential users of these IoT solutions.
  4. What do you believe the requirements for the architecture to support your vision for IoT integration with hardware, software, and cloud technologies will be?
  5. Create a high-level two-year budget to support this rollout.
  6. These items should be detailed in an Exhibit(s) as well.

Your recommendation should specifically highlight:

  1. What is the business value and benefits for this IoT project if you move forward?
  2. How can you leverage new businesses models and IoT technologies in your environment for a competitive advantage?
  3. Should you partner with existing infrastructure companies? Build your own? Why?
  4. How much will this project cost and when do you believe the company will see a return on investment?