case study as a nurse educator

  • You will create an 8-page paper (excluding title page, references, and Appendices) addressing the following items looking through the lens of the Staff Development Educator, the Community Health-Based Educator, or the Academic Nurse Educator (choose only one educator perspective through which to view the scenario).Scenario: Basic Cardiac Life SupportYou are working for a facility that has just purchased a $60,000 simulation mannequin. As you read the instructions, you find out that the modules you need to teach basic cardiac life support (BCLS) were not included in the simulator purchase. You find that the simulator cannot be used to its fullest potential because the interactive EKG and AED modules have not been purchased. You learn from the director of nursing education that there was not enough money in the budget to purchase the entire package. You are told that you must “make do” with what has been purchased to teach a class of 30 leaners of varying ages and diverse backgrounds.
    1. Explain how will you deal with motivational issues in this diverse learning group.
    2. How will you discover intrinsic motivating factors to help the various members of your audience learn the material that you plan to present?
    3. Determine what possible issues related to resistant learners may you encounter.
    4. Assess how will you manage the resistant learner.
    5. What are the possible programs on BCLS support that you can design using this simulation mannequin, despite the limitations imposed on you?
    6. Outline the advantages of using this simulation package to teach BCLS.
    7. Determine the limitations of using a simulation mannequin, which does not have an interactive EKG and AED modules, to teach BCLS.
    8. Plan how can you overcome these limitations.
    9. Construct a method to evaluate your learners with a percentage to pass. Please note that in addition to assigned course materials, it is an expectation that you will include additional scholarly references to support your position.