case study global attribution 1

Please read the case study Global Attribution as well as chapter 3 (both files on the attachment). Then, answer the following questions:

1. Which of the ten media channels do you think was least reliably measured? Do you think the measurement of ad exposure in this channel was biased (systematically higher or lower than the real number) or just highly variant (sometime higher and sometimes lower than the real number)?

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2. Think up another situation in which you would expect to find endogeneity.

3. In general, do you think online media is better for inducing purchase incidence or purchase amount?

4. Could the methodology described in the case be applied to determine advertising effectiveness of a consumer packaged good like Tide? Why/why not?

Please note that since this case is based on Chapter 3 Web Analytics, you should do some basic calculations and data analysis using data provided in the case to support your answers. By the way, please don’t turn in simple question and answer format. Case analysis should be thoughtful, well organized and support your arguments/answers with data.

This work must be done in less than 48 hours.