central africa republic country writing assignment 10

Choose one prompt from the list, the country I need to write is Central African republic.

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Total word count for this assignment 800, need to add both graphs and pictures to help explain in this assignment.

Prompt 1

Is there any sort of cultural revival occurring in any of the areas of your region? This will likely look different in different places. Maybe it’s a result of the end of a repressive dictatorship? Or the end of colonial rule? What does it look like? What are some of the practices that this entails and how has this been received? Keep in mind that this is likely coming from minority groups and may not even be supported by the state.

Prompt 2

How are marginalized people in your region experiencing climate change? What efforts at mitigation and adaptation are happening to help people? And if not, how are they being affected or neglected by governments? Are people mobilizing aspects of cultural identity (whether ethnic, attachment to the land, historical practices, etc.) to articulate their concerns about being impacted by climate change?

Prompt 3

What has been the impact of introduced species in your region? What are some of the species that pose the greatest threats? How did they arrive? Agriculture? Tourists? Are there more sensitive environments that are being protected? Are there government policies in place that restrict the importation of certain products in an effort to stop the spread of certain species (this is really common in agricultural policy). Are there species endemic to your area that are being impacted?