chapter 13 courts judiciary read write reflect

Part I. Summarize the chapter – in your own words please. Needs to be at least half a page or longer. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE FROM THE TEXT OR OUTSIDE SOURCES. CITE PROPERLY IF YOU NEED TO.

Part II. Define at least two terms. OKAY TO COPY AND PASTE HERE.

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Part III. Find one other concept/term (not defined in part II) that you found interesting. Answer the following:

1) why did you choose this term?

2) any reactions/response to the concepts did they elicit from you

3) how the concept relates to you or to our current political situation in the US. Please provide examples/be specific. The goal here is to explain/apply a concept so that I can see that you understand what it means alone and in application.

If it’s clear you do not understand the term I will not give you full credit. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE FROM THE TEXT OR OUTSIDE SOURCES. CITE PROPERLY IF YOU NEED TO, outside sources welcome.

Example format:

Chapter 13

Part I

Part II

Part III

Some additional considerations/requirements:

  • 12 point font, double spaced, at least one page per chapter.
  • You may bring in outside resources and cite properly (don’t plagiarize)
  • Constantly ask yourself questions as you’re reading like “why” and “what do I think of this” and “how does it relate to me” as opposed to simply trying to memorize information, that’s not the purpose of this exercise.