choose a technical object to describe eg clock radio coffee maker etc accurately describe in 500 words


Intro: do not lable intro per APA style guidelines

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First sentence orient your audience by providing a definition of the object

Preview its various parts 2-3 sentences, discuss its uses and functions 1-2 sentences, preview the content of your description 1sentence

Detailed Description of the Object:

Describe each part of the object in detail including its dimensions materials principles of operation function and relation to other parts 2-3 paragraphs

Use the present tense

When introducing a new concept or term you need to provide a brief description for a non technical audience e.g.: the bezel or outer ring connecting to the lugs allows the wearer to set a different time zone.


Restate the major uses and functions of the object to solicit the audience’s support or awareness of the object


Use headings and subheadings throughout

Mark the body and conclusion with headings

Use subheadings to indicate the beginning of each part/component of tree object you are describing.

Do not write large chunks of text without feedings and subheadings

Single space

Must include at least 2 illustrations with source info directly underneath each illustration using APA guidelines

Use serif and sans-serif typefaces for the header and body

Use two complimentary colors

Place like Coburg in proximity to each other

Make sure all elements have alignment

Describe it yourself do not include cited manufacturer specifications

500 word count