cmr282 problem

To Do:

  • Performance Assessment 2
  • Case Study Part 1
  • Case Study Part 2
  • Dashboard Forum Post – Find an Example
    • For the Dashboard forum, post a link to an example of a dashboard, then explain the pros and cons of your example – how useful is it? How can it be improved?
    • Submit the following files:(1) EL2-U1-A2-RSRHelpDesk-2.xlsx
      (2) EL2-C2-CS-P2-PBMSales2.xlsx
      (3) Worksheet Analysis document (Word)For your essay:
      • Essay length – 200 words
      • What insights do you have about the data presented in the spreadsheet? Are there any anomalies or interesting facts you see?
      • What kinds of decisions can you make from the data, or what recommendations can you make to improve the business, process, etc. that is presented in the spreadsheet?
      • What can be changed to improve the worksheet? Why would your recommendation be an improvement?