cold war cuba

For this assignment, watch the video about the Cuban Missile Crisis at the linked website. While you are watching the video, answer the attached questions. The video is one that I show in my classroom course and is part of a series about the Cold War.

Cold War Cuba

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Why was the U.S. so intent on deposing the Castro regime?

What actions led to Soviet involvement in Cuba?

What was the U.S. policymakers’ first reaction when Soviet missiles were discovered in Cuba?

What did Pres. Kennedy decide to do upon learning about the missiles?Do you think it was the right choice?

What was Robert Kennedy’s role in the crisis?

As events progressed, what were Castro’s perceptions of the crisis?

What was the American people’s reaction to the crisis?What about the Soviet people?The Cubans?

What was the final result of the negotiations between Kennedy and Khrushchev?

Who appeared to be the winner and, over time, do you think this perception has changed?

Does there appear to be a bias in this video?(Does it appear to be slanted towards one side or the other?)