complete 350 word discussion


Everyone has a unique leadership style. In this course, you reflect on the type of leader you are and what you can do to improve your style so that you are effective in service delivery. You will evaluate your strengths and areas of improvement as to how you collaborate with others and what you do when it comes to making important decisions. For example, if you are supervising other teachers, what characteristics of a good leader do you exhibit? Are you able to engage everyone in teaching students with exceptionalities and involve others in the decision making process? These actions contribute to the development of strong leaders and collaborators. From the areas you can change, you will learn how to build by consensus and provide direction to those who are not familiar with policy in the field of Special Education.

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For this Discussion, you will begin to identify what you think makes a collaborative leader and engage in a conversation regarding the leadership characteristics and skills you possess and those held by others, i.e. your Walden colleagues. Finally, you explore how you incorporate the concept of