conduct an anova to determine whether the post feedback levels of aggression are affected by type of feedback

Load the data file unit 8_SPSSHW5_data_ANCOVA.sav. A team of psychologists was interested in studying aggression among adolescents in Sweden. The team devised an experimental paradigm in which participants played a computer game against an opponent. When the opponent made an error, the participant was invited to “punish” the opponent by exposing him to a blast of loud noise. The duration and volume of the noise blast were combined to give a measure of aggression. A total of 60 participants were tested using this procedure. Then, they were given feedback about their performance in the game. One third of the participants received negative feedback, one third received positive feedback and the remaining third received neutral feedback. Finally, the participants played the game again and their level of aggression was measured using the same method as before.

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