content analysis paper 1

Content Analysis is a methodological tool used to assess the content of media. For this assignment, you need to:

(1) Choose the type of television content you wish to write about (e.g., dramas, comedies, advertising)

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(2) Choose some hypothesis or hypotheses about the relationship between some aspects of media content or the effects of some media content raised in the video /Alternate access to video: (with one exception: DO NOT write about the simple hypothesis that television violence causes aggression)

(3) Find at least recent three empirical studies (scholarly research studies published in peer-reviewed journals, year 2000 or later) that have analyzed media content related to your topic. A meta-analysis should not be included. Need to Include three specific empirical articles.

(4) Write up the results of your library research, describing the papers you have found in detail (not just a summary of the findings) and how they relate to the hypothesis/argument raised in the video you selected. What variables did they use? How did they measure them? What statistical relationships did they find? You need to describe the studies in enough detail so I can tell if the results match the conclusions you report.I should be able to understand how the researchers’ data supports the conclusions they reach.

Be sure to include complete references for the articles (not links to the articles) you discuss and make clear the connection of the research to the specific video (i.e., Gerbner or Jhally) you have chosen to generate your hypothesis.

****Psych Today is not a peer-reviewed journal, so you need to find a different article to replace that one. You need to find empirical articles (with data and statistics), not review articles. You also need to expand your discussion of the studies to describe the research and statistical findings. I need to be able to understand what the researchers did and how their findings relate back to your original hypothesis.