create 12 soap notes as a family nurse practitioner

  • Create 12 different Soap notes addressing different disorders for the body. The soap notes must address the adult population only. Please address the ROS(review of systems) and PE(physical examination).In your soap template include medications, ICD 10 diagnosis codes ,CPT billing codes and referrals if needed.

Notes should vary between 4acute, 4chronic, and 4wellness encounters.

You may not repeat a topic more than twice.

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  • Notes are evaluated by a scoring rubric (see attached)
  • Construction of your SOAP note should be aimed at achieving a score of

“proficient” in each category. Failure to achieve a proficient rating for each of the evaluation criterion, represented in the rubric, by the end of the course will require revision of the final SOAP note submitted until successful. Failure to do so results in failure meet the clinical requirements of the course and failure of the course.