create an in depth 2 page outline on cold war espionage

Paper & Project Proposals

HTS 3076

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You Paper Proposal Should include:

  • Your Paper Topic or Title, if you are ready
  • An outline of the paper (What will be addressed paragraph by paragraph) *Use attached template for guideline
  • A detailed, annotated bibliography including primary and secondary sources. (Feel free to use the primary source links sent out earlier). The annotations should tell me why the book or article or primary source is useful for your paper. (A one or two page annotated bibliography of six sources at least should accompany the essay description. This should consist of the author, title, publisher, city, and year of publication of the book, journal article, or other source and a short commentary on what the source offers to your essay. Outlines submitted with no annotations to the bibliography will be heavily penalized. Sources should be current academic monographs or academic journal articles — not popular works like Time-Life Books, Complete Idiot’s or Dummies Guides, Colliers Children’s Encyclopedia, Encarta, Wikipedia,, etc. Journalistic works with citations are acceptable. In general, if your source does not provide detailed references in the form of footnotes, endnotes or specific page references, it is unsuitable as a source. If you intend to include websites, provide their URLs in the proposal for approval).

The main point of the proposal is to get you started on a paper project and to get early feedback from me—whether I approve and what other sources I can recommend.