cryptocurrencies are disruptive financial innovations here


Referring to the attached question and the full research article attached, critically analyze the full article.

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You are expected to support answer with sound academic research. Students are advised to underpin their answers with the use of references (cited using the Harvard Name System of Referencing).


You are required to identify six opinion of the author relating to cryptocurrencies from the article attached. And then for each opinion you have to find three other opinions relating to the same point from three different sources (Articles). Then you have to discuss all the opinions and put your recommendations.

Assignment structure and marks:

·Introduction: 10%


·Recommendation: 20%

·Conclusion: 10%

The discussion should be as follow:

·Paragraph 1: The main article author opinion relating to cryptocurrencies.

·Paragraph 2: The first opinion, source or article.

·Paragraph 3: The second opinion, source or article.

·Paragraph 4: The third opinion, source or article.

·Paragraph 5: Your discussion about the point. You may also include the recommendation here if you don’t want to do a separate paragraph for recommendations at the end.

You should do the same organization for the other five points that you will choose. You don’t have to use the same articles for each point, you can bring as many articles as you want and do not use books.

Introduction and conclusion should at least one full page.

Every paragraph should have a citation.