describing an unethical conduct or action at work

In this journal you need to address the following five questions. Start by carefully reading the Guidelines provided separately.

1.Who experienced the ethical dilemma you are discussing: yourself ( I am doing an internship in a hotel as front desk manager assistant) , your supervisor, or a coworker?

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  • 2. What was the situation or occurrence that involved an ethical concern? Give a brief description.
  • 3. Explain why this situation posed an ethical (or moral) problem (rather than a problem that was primarily a legal issue, or poor management, or a mistake).
  • 4. What kind or responses or actions were possible, and what were the difficulties (down-side) with each responses/action that was possible.
  • 5. What was the action that you took (or, what action your would have taken if it was your decision)?Why was that a preferred action even though it was not a perfect thing?