discussion 3 75

Risk transfer is defined as the act of moving risk from one entity to another. Most often, in practical terms, this means that a company is moving a portion (or all) of a risk to an external third party. This is one of the basic “countermeasures” for managing and mitigating risk. Management must decide which risks to transfer and which to retain.

For your initial post describe an example of how you transfer (or might transfer) risk in your personal life. How do you make this decision?

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In your subsequent post(s) consider: Some of the most valuable assets of an organization are not on the balance sheet. They may include items such as (1) the company’s reputation, (2) customer information, (3) specialized processes and (4) competitor intelligence. What about protecting these “assets”? Choose one of the above or find another asset of value that does not appear on a company’s balance sheet and discuss how this asset is at risk and ways to mitigate the risk.

I need both initial and subsequent post