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Marzena Slusher posted Mar 21, 2019 11:38 PM

Opioid epidemic has been notice as a growing problem in many communities. It is not only the drug of low income or low education people but many professionals has been affected by this horrible disease. I think addicts are victim of the disease just like any other disease people know. For example, people who are obese are also choosing to overeat and not take care of their health yet we view obesity as of major problem and we try to help people get better. I think as as community we have obligation to help people that unfortunately have been involved in opioid crisis, just like we have resources for people who make very poor decision regarding their lifestyle and food choices. Many people involved in “pain meds” has been prescribed medication by the physician. Usually after accident or other injuries doctors gives RX for strong pain medication and some people would never even think to use drugs until they received RX for it. It think community has obligation to address the issue and design proper recurses to help people in needs. One of my post teacher in dental hygiene school was actually involved in organization that help medical professionals retain license once they have been reported for drug use. He told us that there are range of degrees and career, from doctors, nursed, pharmacists to dentists, no matter what you do you can be affected by this horrible situation. I wish as a community of health professionals we were more educated about consequences of prolong opioid use maybe people would choose to be in pain for short period of time rather than ruin life or career.


Discussion 1-1

Amanda Clark posted Mar 21, 2019 9:42 PM

Is Gun Violence Becoming a Routine in our Communities?

Gun violence has become a very hot topic among the communities as of lately. The amount of gun violence has increased significantly according to the National Institute of Justice. The FBI provides data that shows almost 470,000 people were victims of crime committed with a firearm in 2011 alone. This is an older statistic but it is still relevant as to how many people are involved in gun violence. My personal community is fighting this in several different ways. The public schools are performing many different safety drills that include locking down the campuses and sending alerts to phones and emails that are registered in the systems. There is also another step being taken that the schools have hired police officers that are armed o be present on school campuses before, during and after school. There are many different shooting ranges and sheriff shooting classes being advertised on the radio, newspaper and on billboards encouraging gun safety courses to the public. This is a controversial topic because most cases people fall into one of two categories, pro gun or anti gun. Some believe the idea of the “good guys” having guns to protect us from the bad guys is acceptable, as some believe no guns should be held by persons not of police detail. I feel like my community is safe and the police have done an excellent job in keeping us posted on ways to prevent crimes individually and as a community.

Gun Violence. (2019, February 19). Retrieved March 21, 2019, from https://www.nij.gov/topics/crime/gun-violence/pages/welcome.aspx


Lesson 7 Discussion

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DINIKA TAYLOR posted Mar 20, 2019 11:35 PM

These laws are necessary in cases where the client is unable to make decisions about their well-being on their own. If a person is suffering a mental health breakdown, they don’t know what they may need or be able to make the decision to voluntarily get help. Often with mental health medication may need to be adjusted and in these situations the client can reach certain states the don’t allow them to think like they normally do. Another reason why these laws are important are to protect other from people that may be in a mental health state that makes them a harm to others. Often, this law may even keep the client safe from harming their self or committing suicide. Sometime people don’t know that they have an illness until situations like this occur. This law also assures immediate help there won’t be any waiting list, appointment, phone calls being waited on to receive help. The previous law had more red tape which took longer, more signatures, and you even needed to go in front of a judge. It’s good that we have these laws in order that can help when necessary.

Baker Act and Marchman Act: Crystal Tomlinson

Crystal Tomlinson posted Mar 17, 2019 8:05 PM

The baker act is also known as The Florida Mental Health Act Chapter 394, F.S. was named after Maxine Baker a former State Rep from Miami. This law provides the patients with mental illness and other medical or substance abuse issues the right to seek help from harm of self or other in the lack of not being able to pay for mental/medical or substance abuse illnesses. This will prompt a physical examination, treatment planning based on the clients needs. As soon as the client is coherent enough to do so it is strongly encouraged that the client voluntarily signs for mental health services without coercion. But initial backer act can be ad mistered by family to keep the client from harming one’s self. The Marchman act was named after Hal Marchman, a businessman from Volusia County this act was merely intended for substance abusers under chapter 397, F.S. and is more used by law and court enforcement for substance abuse impairment. It is not used for provisions of psychiatric or medical treatment. Even though both these laws may have the same main goal intended they are merely the same in ways of helping clients seek help and to live another day without harm and both are truly helpful and necessary.

http://www.dcf.state.fl.us/service-programs/samh/crisis-services/docs/marchman/marchmanacthand03p.pdf Page 56