do one long paragraph

This is a test run, so I’m not exactly looking for a specific type of submission or entry. But essentially I want you to share with the class something that is going on in your region that focuses on democracy. Again, I would prefer it be about accountability or something we are talking about this week, but it could be just something in the news (elections, breaking news, etc..).

The format of your submission here can be anything you see fit – videos, links to websites, cartoons, etc. It can be interactive or straight forward. Do with this as much as you please. Make sure to have some type of explanation and analysis for everyone to be able to read or understand about how this fits with our course, but I leave the rest up to you. Maybe I will try to do an example one about the US as a trial.

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My region is Asia , not Russia and nor china AND NO MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIES please, you can do any other countries in Asia