documenting collecting information using multiple windows in early childhood education

After reading Chapter 4 of the textbook, actively participate in this lesson’s discussion by posting a reflection discussing the following:

Mr. Lee is interested in finding out which children can count by 1s, 2s, and 5s.

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  • Identify different assessment windows to gather the information. Which “windows” would you use and which “windows” might you not use.
  • Explain your choice of sources, methods, and settings.

Create a “substantive response” in 3-4 paragraphs- A substantive response contains beginning, middle and ending thoughts. Since you will be also be demonstrating a connection to course materials/content, documentation for your original contribution and reply post(s) will be expected. Responses such as: “Good idea”, “I agree”, and so on, are not considered substantive unless elaborated.

Preparation will be determined by the extent of your reading, analyzing, and understanding of the course materials and demonstrated by the extent to which you post to the initial discussion, ask questions, expressed your own opinions, and analyzed and responded to the contributions of others.

The books citation is:

McAfee, O., Leong, D. J., & Bodrova, E. (2016). Assessing and guiding young children’s development and learning (6th

ed.). New York, NY: Pearson Education.


Meets Expectations

Initial Response

To receive Full Points

The assignment should be comprehensive in scope and highly responsive to the prompt. Moreover, this answer should be fully developed. APA style is correctly utilized including the use of in-text citations and references.