due in 16 hours

  1. Examine the logic of strategic restraint as articulated by Winthrop, Washington, and John Quincy Adams. Do you find it persuasive? Can we reconcile their with the political realities for the early republic? Why or why not?
  2. Jacksonian democracy transformed how Americans thought about western expansion. The writings of John O’Sullivan and Walt Whitman romanticize western expansion and appeal to emotions rather than self-interest and logic. Why do they do this? What do you think is gained or lost through these rhetorical strategies compared to the more legalist approach of say John Quincy Adams and Abraham Lincoln?

All réponses should be submitted in PDF, using 12pt Times New Roman font with 1″ margins. Responses which do not use this formatting will not be graded. Name and titles are not required since these will be submitted on Canvas. If you prefer, you may merely write a small header indicating which prompt you are writing (e.g., “Prompt One” or “Prompt Two”).

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