educational assessment of syrian refugee children

8 pages minimum, 12 font-size, Single-space. And please follow the Chicago style for the references that you will used in the paper. I have added links to useful sources The paper content should follow the outline below;

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Paper Topic: The educational assessment of Syrian refugee children


In the introduction part start with broad picture of refugee education(provide statistical facts) and then narrow it down to the situation of Syrian refugee. Then move on to describe the educational barriers for Syrian refugee children to access primary and secondary education in the 5 countries highlighted in the 1st paper:

Write at least one paragraph for each country. End the section by writing one paragraph or 2 about the complexities of education in emergencies. And another paragraph of the value of education for Syrian refugee children. Use this source;

***** Theory (Economic Theory)

***** Literature Review

In this section all want you to write paragraph of the papers, where you highlight name of the auther (year) what is it about? Focus on the study finings/results. I need at least 7 literatures.

you can use some of the literature of this research;

***** Methodology

The proposed methodology that the study will carry out is integral approach. Write about what’s the integral approach? What does it capture? What is the uneqness about this economic approach? How this approach is going to help in exmaing and solving the situation with educational matters for refugee children.