egyptian myths

1. Conduct some research in reliable, scholarly resources from the UMUC library and identify an artifact that appears in Egyptian myths.

2. Find an image of the artifact and include it in your post if you can. If you cannot, offer a detailed description of it.

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3. Explain the artifact’s significance to one of the Egyptian myths by retelling the story in your own words and relating the artifact to the myth. Consider the following questions:

A. What is the relationship between artifacts and myths?

B. How do artifacts “hold” stories or cultural memories. If you think they do not, explain your thinking.

METHOD: Post a picture of the artifact, and provide a caption under the picture explaining it. Note something that is particularly interesting to you about the artifact or the image of it. THEN answer question #3 above. Cite your myths using MLA format in a Works Cited list at the end of your post