english composition 32

response to classmate

1. this should be addressed to James Sukach

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It is important to remember not to become too wrapped up in the editing process near the beginning of your writing process. If you become too concerned with the use of punctuations and correct spelling early on, it can cause you to lose important ideas from getting down on paper (Vandermey, 2012). However, once on paper, the editing process will help you clean up your essay and provide a more professional argument for your audience.

Obvious editing would include spelling and grammar, but that is only the beginning. Your word processor’s ability to check spelling and grammar are great tools, but they can’t interpret how your audience is going to react to your essay. Will they become angry, uninterested, or perplexed (Harvard College Writing, 2018)? These are some of the issues an editor must consider to better the editing process. Known as “le mot juste”, which means using the right word can have a huge impact on your audience. The right words will help be more effective in communicating your message to your readers (Harvard College Writing, 2018).

I have learned that editing a document is very critical in conveying my message, and it involves much more than just spell check. Reading my work out loud helps me to see how well the words flow together. I tend to use repeating words, and without editing, my essays would suffer. I also tend to be a little too blunt due to my passion on certain topics, and this can cause some readers to become angry, or lose out on the very reason I wrote the essay. Editing allows me to correct this, and lower the tone.

2. This should be addressed to Linda Faye Trice

The process of coming up with an idea is the main part of your paper.If you don’t have a topic, then what will you write about.Once you have your topic then the rest should be easy.Start searching for your references.The topic that I chose was close to my heart.It is “When is the best time to have children.”This class has really taught me a lot about the writing process.Comp I is the first English class that I have since High School.Editing is very important step in the research process.A thorough check needs to make with your spelling.Not only does your spelling need to be correct, but your paper needs to have the correct in-text citation and the correct reference to go along with it (VanderMey, Meyer, Rys, & Sebranek, 2015). The grammar parts of the Complete sections have really helped me.I have learned a lot from these lessons.Even though my sentences are short, I know what I am trying to say.It may not come across that I know what I am talking about.Just be patient with my writing please.