essay assignment 52

🔴 Part 1

Whole Foods. By 2006, Whole Foods Market had evolved into the “world’s largest retail chain of natural and organic foods supermarkets.” Their rapid growth and success is primarily due to being highly selective about what they sell, as well as being dedicated quality standards and core values. However, sales growth has slowed. CEO John Mackey is highly committed to these values, however, the company needs to survive, and thus WF has agreed to a sale to Amazon for more than $13B.

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1- What are the key issues that facing Whole Foods?

2- Evaluate the sale in terms of its likelihood to resolve these key issue.

3- What alternative courses of action could Whole Foods have taken?

Evaluate each course of action (pros and cons).

5- Recommend the best course of action.

🔴 Part 2

Amazon began a program in which they offered to pay employees up to $5,000 to leave. CEO Jeff Bezos explained the policy, called Pay to Quit, in his letter to shareholders. Amazon makes the offer once a year, but only to workers in the fulfillment centers where orders are boxed and shipped.

1- What might the effects be for Amazon’s organizational culture?

2- What does it say about the culture?

3- Who is most likely to take the payout?

4- What are the positives and negatives of this policy?

5- What are the financial implications for Amazon’s bottom line?