essay for both part 1 and 2

Be sure to complete both Part I and Part II of this assignment in a grand total of 400-750 words.

Part I

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Among whites in the old Confederacy there was widespread opposition to the policies of Reconstruction (1865-1877). What were the policies (in general terms) that they opposed and what were the reasons for their antagonism toward those policies?

(Your response to Part I should range between 200-375 words.)

Part II

Why were the white Southerners who lost their battle for secession in the Civil War nevertheless eventually and broadly victorious in their efforts to oppose the policies of Reconstruction?

(Note that there are numerous possible reasons, so you should cite as many as possible. Here’s a hint related to just one of those many reasons: Consider what the North and its leadership had to lose from a loss in the Civil War (1861-1865) versus what the North and its leadership had to lose from the failure of Reconstruction (1865-1877).)
(Your response to Part II should range between 200-375 words.)