essay questions 1 page per answer

Write one single-spaced page answer for each essay. Use APA citations where appropriate. Support you examples with your own real life observations and experiences. Be descriptive, using specific details, so that it is clear how the examples support your answer.

Include the number of the essay question before each essay and add a page break between each.

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1. How is gender socially constructed?
2. Take one theory of gender development and argue for or against it (not both), using your own personal experiences.
3. Name and define 3 ways the English language shows gender differences. Why, or why not, (choose one view point only) are these valid viewpoints.
4. Do you identify with any of the groups mentioned in Week 1 reading under Feminism versus Feminisms. If so, state your choice and provide examples of how you fit that group. If not, state why and illustrate with examples (maybe you straddle more than one group).